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Location Faculty of Computer Science
University of Indonesia
Salemba Campus, Jakarta
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Educational Programs Graduate Program (S2)
Study Program Information Technology (Teknologi Informasi)
Profile During the last decade, Information Technology (IT) has been undergone a dramatic advancement. Today, IT plays a major role within the business and
management of the modern organization. This has brought increasing in trends in demand of IT professionals capable in assessing, building, and deploying IT infrastructures to achieve organization's goals.
Postgraduate Program in Information Technology (MTI), under the administration of the Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia, established
in the year 1996 has a mission to fulfill the supply-demand gap between the industrial needs and the availability of IT professionals. MTI is a pioneer of graduate program in IT management.
MTI is a program that emphasizes the strong integration capabilities between the application of IT and the management and strategy of the organization, so that graduates are expected to have the readiness to lead the IT unit in the organization. In addition, MTI facilitates the development of competence and specialization in the areas of: IT Governance, Enterprise Systems, Information Management, and Software Engineering.
Graduate Profile / Qualifications Graduates of the Master of Information Technology study program are expected to be professionals in the field of Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) who have the capabilities to cope with the real problems in the society with innovative solutions based on the latest and established scientific foundation, especially in:
- Solving various problems related to the Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) within an organization through an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach
- Planning, implementing, and managing the Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) in the operational, managerial, and strategic level of an organization
- Synthesizing and developing the latest knowledge in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with strong foundational knowledge through scientific methods
- Conducting and managing research of an innovative and proven development of the Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) of an organization
Vision Being a top referral master program in the eld of IT in Indonesia or amongst ASEAN countries
Mision 1. Focusing on the development of IT education, especially to prepare the human resources that meet the needs of society and utilizes new technologies
(emerging technology) in the fi eld of IT.
2. Produce IT graduates who can compete globally, especially in integrating technology and management aspects.
3. Develop a research center, collaboration and partnerships with industries in the fi eld of IT services and development.
UI Program Code
Title Magister Teknologi Informasi (MTI)
Accreditation A
Study Period 4 semester
Number of Credits 40 sks
Previous Education Bachelor (Sarjana) in Computer Science, Informatics, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics and others program with work experience in the Information Technology field.
Description ***
Objective Master program in Information Technology aims to:
(1) Produce graduates who are able to compete in the global market as well as have the ability to plan, implement, and manage the Information Technology in the strategic, managerial, and operational level and able to do information technology integration within an organization.
(2) Create, develop and apply knowledge, especially in the field of Information Technology that is relevant to the improvement of the competitiveness of the nation.
(3) Develop intelligence and dignity of the nation through higher education while upholding moral and social values.
List of Courses
APC1. Analisis Kebutuhan & Perancangan SI (CSIM801012)
2. Analitika Media Sosial & Digital (CSIE802073)
3. Bisnis Digital (CSIE802052)
4. Dinamika Tim Perangkat Lunak (CSIM801023)
5. Forensik Siber (CSIE802082)
6. Informatika Kesehatan (CSIE802053)
7. Infrastruktur TI (CSIM801011)
8. Kapita Selekta (CSIE802001)
9. Karya Akhir (CSIM802032)
10. Keamanan Informasi (CSIE802081)
11. Kewirausahaan Bisnis Perangkat Lunak (CSIE802042)
12. Kriptografi Terapan (CSIE802083)
13. Manajemen Data (CSIM801013)
14. Manajemen Informasi Korporat (CSIM802024)
15. Manajemen Investasi TI (CSIE802062)
16. Manajemen Kualitas Perangkat Lunak (CSIE802041)
17. Manajemen Pengetahuan (CSIE802071)
18. Manajemen Perubahan & Proyek TI (CSIM801021)
19. Manajemen Risiko TI (CSIE802063)
20. Manajemen Strategis SI (CSIM801022)
21. Metodologi Penelitian & Penulisan Ilmiah (CSIM801031)
22. Pemerintahan Cerdas (CSIE802051)
23. Pengelolaan Data Besar (CSIE802072)
24. Pengembangan Perangkat Lunak Secara Global (CSIE802043)
25. Publikasi Ilmiah (CSIM802033)
26. Sistem Informasi Perusahaan (CSIM801014)
27. Tata Kelola TI (CSIE802061)
Lecturers APC
Regulation Refer to university regulation
How to Apply Refer to penerimaan.ui.ac.id
Program Requirements Refer to penerimaan.ui.ac.id
Refer to penerimaan.ui.ac.id
Competence ***
Others ***
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