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Website http://www.fkg.ui.ac.id
Location Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi
Kampus UI Salemba
Jl. Salemba Raya No. 4 Jakarta 10430
Telepon: 3193-0270, 315-1035 ext. 303
Fax: 3193-1412
Url: http://www.fkg.ui.ac.id
Email humas.fkg@ui.ac.id
Educational Programs Profession Program (Profesi)
Study Program Dentistry (Kedokteran Gigi)
Profile Faculty of dentistry universitas indonesia dentist passed through two stages of education i.e. academic stage and stage professions. for the academic courses are education undergraduate program, for professional stage courses are courses dentist profession program. a course relating to bear the title of bachelor (SKG) after completing 145 credits for 8 semesters. During their studies the student learning is given which includes science and technology that is the basic medical sciences, medical sciences, basic medical sciences dental clinics, dentistry clinic and dentistry community. In addition there is also the University courses i.e. MPKT A, MPKT B, English, religion, the arts and sports. Start of the academic year 2012-2013 there are clumps of health science courses i.e. basic Biomedic science, mediciece ethics and law, effective communication, health team collaboration, health disaster management, research methodology and biostatistics. In addition there are practical and Skills lab is simulated clinical dental practice. at the end of the study period the students create a thesis research report.
Graduate Profile / Qualifications doctor of dental surgery faculty of dentistry, universitas indonesia graduates are capable of performing dental work professionally to provide primary oral health services independently or individual, family and community cases involving stomatognatic system based on research and according to their competencies.
Vision doctor of dental sugery Program FKGUI
Being a graduate education courses leading dentistry and able to compete at the international level in the fields of education, research and community service with the integration and autonomy as a development strategy.
Mision doctor of dental sugery Program FKGUI
Produce graduates of international dental minded, capable of following the development of science and technology in dentistry. Generate, develop and practice the works of research and technology in dentistry.
UI Program Code
Title DDS
Study Period 4 semesters
Number of Credits 30 credits
Previous Education Bachelor of Dental Science
Description ***
Objective Doctor of dental sugery Program (DDS) is a continuation of the training of bachelor of dental science(BDS). Dental Profession educational purposes requires experience and clinical skills, problem solving skills and be professional as follows:
1. able to manage oral health problems in a comprehensive manner in the service of individuals, families, and community;
2. carry out the dental profession responsibly and ethically;
3. work together in a team to perform effective health services and efficiency;
4. sensitive to the change and development of community and the environment for the appreciation and the smoothness of the health service;
5. able to manage health problems and to master knowledge of leadership.
List of Courses
APC1. IKG Komprehensif (DNKG701415)
2. Kolaborasi dan Kerjasama Tim Kesehatan 2 (UILS600016)
3. Manajemen Kesgimas & Pencegahan (DNKG701414)
4. Praktik Klinik Terintegrasi 1 (DNKG701110)
5. Praktik Klinik Terintegrasi 2 (DNKG701211)
6. Praktik Klinik Terintegrasi 3 (DNKG701312)
7. Praktik Klinik Terintegrasi 4 (DNKG701413)
Lecturers APC
Regulation http://hpa.ui.ac.id/download.html
How to Apply Only has a registration number on Universitas Indonesia
Program Requirements 1. Should not be blind
2. Should not be deaf
3. Should not be speech impaired
4. Should not be disabled
5. should not be color blind
6. high school graduate or equivalent of three last year
Registration http://penerimaan.ui.ac.id
Competence ***
Others ***
Other Information Dental Education Program consists of undergraduate and professional education . Since the school year 2003/2004 , FKGUI have used active learning methods , namely Problem Based Learning ( PBL ) and Collaborative Learning ( CL ) that encourage students to learn independently active .curriculum used to build is an integrated curriculum , and in 2007 became a competency-based curriculum . For Courses / Academic reached in 8 semesters with a load of 144 credits for Bachelor degree . While the Professional Program reached within 4 semesters with 30 credits and got a load designation Dentist . Professional Program started at semester 9 , so that the overall Dental Education Program is designed for 12 semesters , with the total credits to be a dentist is 174 credits .

The learning process for undergraduate dentistry began 2013-2014 held on campus depok Clumps Health Sciences Building .
For Professional Education dentist still carried in Salemba campus
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